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BioMS is the national infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry (MS). BioMS offers access to qualified projects in proteogenomics, targeted protein quantitation, glycoproteomics, hydrogen-deuterium exchange MS, glycomics, lipidomics, and chemical proteomics. Detailed information and the project application forms can be found at BioMS is hosted by Lund University with support from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) with co-financing by Gothenburg and Lund Universities, Karolinska Institutet, and Chalmers Institute of Technology.

Recent research outputs

Bright, C. J. , Hawkins, M. M. , Winter, D. L. , Alessi, D. , Allodji, R. S. , Bagnasco, F. , Bárdi, E. , Bautz, A. , Byrne, J. , Feijen, E. A. M. , Fidler, M. M. , Garwicz, S. , Grabow, D. , Gudmundsdottir, T. , Guha, J. , Haddy, N. , Jankovic, M. , Kaatsch, P. , Kaiser, M. , Kuehni, C. E. & 21 others Helena Linge, Øfstaas, H., Ronckers, C. M., Skinner, R., Teepen, J. C., Terenziani, M., Vu-Bezin, G., Wesenberg, F., Thomas Wiebe, Sacerdote, C., Jakab, Z., Haupt, R., Lähteenmäki, P., Zaletel, L. Z., Kuonen, R., Winther, J. F., de Vathaire, F., Kremer, L. C., Lars Hjorth, Reulen, R. C. & PanCareSurFup Consortium 2018 In : Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 110, 6, 12 p., djx235

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Végvári, A., Magnusson, M., Lars Wallman, Simon Ekström, Bolmsjö, G., Nilsson, J., Tasso Miliotis, Ostling, J., Kjellström, S., Ottervald, J., Franzén, B., Hultberg, H., György Marko-Varga & Thomas Laurell 2008 Jun In : Electrophoresis. 29, 12, p. 2696-705 10 p.

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