Hematopoietic and immunologic developement

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  • Reconstitution , hematopoietic stem cell , hematopoietic cell transplantation, blood development, Immunologic recovery


Elderly often present with changes in the blood cell system, such as anemia, diminished immune responses and myeloid blood cell diseases. In mice, some of these age-associated changes are consequences of changes within the immature hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) compartment. One focus of our group is to expand such studies also to the human system. We investigate what age-associated changes occur within the immature blood cell compartment and pursue to study what mechanisms drive these changes to explain, and possibly ameliorate, some of the observed age related diseases. In addition, knowledge of HSC aging may be of importance on the context of clinical pediatric hematopoietic cell transplantations (HCT) when a patient receives HSC from a much elder donor; for instance a parent (Haplo-HCT). Does this infer premature blood cell aging? In addition, we aim to study graft-versus-host and –leukemia actions in such Hapl-HCT, as such HCT characterized by 50% donor-recipient HLA-disparity.

Recent research outputs

Tesi, B. , Davidsson, J. , Voss, M. , Rahikkala, E. , Holmes, T. D. , Chiang, S. C. C. , Komulainen-Ebrahim, J. , Gorcenco, S. , Rundberg Nilsson, A. , Ripperger, T. , Kokkonen, H. , Bryder, D. , Fioretos, T. , Henter, J-I. , Möttönen, M. , Niinimäki, R. , Nilsson, L. , Pronk, K-J. , Puschmann, A. , Qian, H. & 5 others Uusimaa, J., Moilanen, J. S., Ulf Tedgård, Cammenga, J. & Bryceson, Y. T. 2017 In : Blood. 129, 16, p. 2266-2279 15 p.

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Levinsen, M., Marquart, H. V., Groth-Pedersen, L., Abrahamsson, J., Albertsen, B. K., Andersen, M. K., Frandsen, T. L., Harila-Saari, A., Cornelis Pronk, Ulvmoen, A., Vaitkevičienė, G., Lähteenmäki, P. M., Niinimäki, R., Taskinen, M., Jeppesen, M. & Schmiegelow, K. 2016 Nov 1 In : Pediatric Blood & Cancer. 63, 11, p. 1935-1942 8 p.

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