Histopathological diagnostics in lung cancer

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Most cancers are diagnosed using a microscope. Lung cancer may be tricky to diagnose as there is often limited tissue to examine from the tumor sampling. Different types of lung cancer are treated differently, and may have different prognosis. Also, metastases from other organs to the lungs are very common and are handled differently. Thus, it is important with correct diagnosis. Immunohistochemistry is often necessary for subtyping and determination of origin of the tumor. Molecular profiling, normally used for treatment prediction, may sometimes also be used just to get the right diagnosis. The aim of my research is to improve the diagnostic procedure, but also extends to classification and pathological/surgical issues etc. The main focus is immunohistochemical staining and molecular profiling in diagnostics of tumors in the lung.

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Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

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Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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