Clinical Sciences, Helsingborg

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Department of Clinical Sciences Lund/Clinical Sciences Helsingborg (Avdelningen Kliniska Vetenskaper Helsingborg, AKVH) was constituted when Helsingborg General Hospital became part of the Lund University Medical School program 2012. Today, a network of researchers from different specialties are affiliated to AKVH.


Academic clinical research projects cover a broad spectrum, for example in the fields of Neurology, Anesthesiology/Intensive Care Medicine, Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Cognitive medicine and Pediatrics. Local funding by independent research grants can applied for, generous contributions come from the Stig & Ragna Gorthons Foundation and the Thelma Zoegas Foundation.

Recent research outputs

Roller-Wirnsberger, R. , Masud, T. , Vassallo, M. , Zöbl, M. , Reiter, R. , Van Den Noortgate, N. , Petermans, J. , Petrov, I. , Topinkova, E. , Andersen-Ranberg, K. , Saks, K. , Nuotio, M. , Bonin-Guillaume, S. , Lüttje, D. , Mestheneos, E. , Szekacs, B. , Jonsdottir, A. B. , O'Neill, D. , Cherubini, A. , Macijauskiene, J. & 17 others Leners, J-C., Fiorini, A., van Iersel, M., Ranhoff, A. H., Kostka, T., Duque, S., Prada, G. I., Davidovic, M., Krajcik, S., Kolsek, M., Del Nozal, J. M., Anne W Ekdahl, Münzer, T., Savas, S., Knight, P., Gordon, A. & Singler, K., 2018 Nov 13, In : Age and Ageing. p. 1-9

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