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  1. Ursprungsfolk och klimatförändringar

    Anders Burman

    Project: ResearchNational collaboration

  2. Co2mmunity: Co-producing and co-financing renewable community energy projects

    Teis Hansen, Faller, F., Marciukaitis, M. & Auvinen, K.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  3. Regional Growth against all odds

    Markus Grillitsch, Dahl Fitjar, R., Haus-Reve, S., Kolehmainen, J., Kurikka, H., Kadri Kuusk, Karl-Johan Lundquist, Mikhail Martynovich, Johan Miörner, Magnus Nilsson, Josephine Rekers & Sotarauta, M.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

  4. GREENFLEET: Greening the Fleet – Sustainability Transitions in the Maritime Shipping Sector

    Teis Hansen, Aasen, T. M. B., Steen, M., Bergek, A., Hanson, J. & Bjørgum, Ø.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  5. GONST: Where does the green economy grow? The Geography Of Nordic Sustainability Transitions

    Teis Hansen, Torben Schubert, Claudio Fassio, Suyash Jolly, Markus Grillitsch, Klitkou, A., Capasso, M., Anne Tanner, Andersen, A. D., Skålholt, A., Østergaard, C. R., Iversen, O. E., Park, E., Sotarauta, M., Bugge, M. M., Steen, M., Suvinen, N., Holm, J. R., Finne, H. & Ullern, E. F.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  6. REINVENT Realising Innovation in Transitions for Decarbonisation

    Lars J Nilsson, Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, Johannes Stripple, Fredrik N G Andersson, Teis Hansen, Ellen Palm, Roger Hildingsson, Bulkeley, H., Stefan, L., Schneider, C., Pietzner, K., Vallentin, D., Kalfagianni, A., Negro, S., Worell, E., van Vuuren, D., Hof, A. & Monica Keaney


    Project: ResearchCollaboration with industry, Interdisciplinary research, International collaboration

  7. Pufendorf Energy Justice Theme 2016/2017

    Vasna Ramasar, Alf Hornborg, C B Uvo, Henner Busch, Julian Nowag, Luis Mundaca, Max Åhman, Mine Islar, Sara Brogaard & Wim Carton


    Project: Commissioned researchInternal collaboration (LU)

  8. Renewing Power? Exploring ecologically unequal exchange as an unspoken condition for renewable energy technologies

    Andreas Roos


    Project: DissertationInterdisciplinary research, Individual research project

  9. PAPAYA - Policy for Equity in African Agriculture

    Martin Prowse, Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt, Magnus Jirström, Wapulumuka O., M., Isinika, A., Mukata, W., Christoplos, I., Jens Andersson, Ola Hall, Genesis Tambang Yengoh & Rothman, J.


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  10. Space-time dynamics of regional economic growth

    Kadri Kuusk

    2016/02/01 → …

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  11. AgriFoSe 2013: Lantbruk för Tryggad Livsmedelsförsörjning Post 2015 – från forskning till policy och utveckling

    Magnusson, U., Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt, Magnus Jirström, Martin Prowse, Ostwald, M., Marstorp, H., Boqvist, S. & Virgin, I.


    Project: OtherNational collaboration, International collaboration, Collaboration with industry

  12. Urban Africa´s Double Disease Burden and the Ameliorative Potential of Household Food Production

    Tollefsen, A., Magnus Jirström, Nittylä Mackay, H. & Chiwona karltun, L.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, National collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

  13. Cohousing and sustainable urban development: cases from Denmark, Germany, Spain and Sweden

    Caldenby, C., Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Thörn, H. & Wasshede, C.


    Project: Research

  14. Unraveling the causes and implications of crop productivity gaps in underperforming regions through integration of geospatial, biophysical and socio-economic factors

    Öborn, I., Magnus Jirström, Ola Hall, Göran Djurfeldt, Maria Archila, Marstorp, H., Dahlin, S. & Dzanku, F. M.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, National collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

  15. UrbanData2Decide - Integrated Data Visualisation and Decision Making Solutions to Forecast and Manage Complex Urban Challenges, funded by Formas and other European agencies.

    Nicklas Guldåker & Per-Olof, H.


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research, Collaboration with municipalities and county councils

  16. Residential fires in metropolitan areas - spatial differences and fire safety work in the socially fragmented city

    Nicklas Guldåker, Hallin, P. O. & Nilsson, J.


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, National collaboration

  17. CRUSH: CRitical Urban Sustainability Hub (FORMAS Strong Research Environment)

    Christophers, B., Grundström, K., Mattias Kärrholm, Henrik Gutzon Larsen, Listerborn, C., Anders Lund Hansen, Molina, I., Sernhede, O. & Thörn, C.


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  18. African urban agriculture: social, economic and environmental challenges and prospects under changing global and demographic realities

    Magnus Jirström, Alsanius, B. & Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research, National collaboration

  19. Of Other Urbans: Subaltern Urbanization and Census Towns in India

    Sri Lata & Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt


    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  20. ORSA: Area-based risk and vulnerability assessment

    Blom, K., Nicklas Guldåker & Hallin, P.


    Project: Research

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