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The skin is our largest organ. It is affected by hereditary factors, virus, bacteriae but also other environmental factors around us: the sun, weather, chemicals, water etc. These impacts may also affect the diseases seen in the skin and related mucosae. The skin has tight connections to other organs, by means of the circulation, nerves and immune system. These complex connections may result in the fact that also other organs are affected in those with a widespread skin disease. Within dermatology and venereology, IKVM, Malmö, research is performed in several fields such as skin tumours, bullous diseases and dermatitis.

Recent research outputs

Schuttelaar, M-L., Meijer, J. M., Malin Engfeldt, Lapeere, H., Goossens, A., Magnus Bruze, Persson, C. & Ola Bergendorff 2018 In : Contact Dermatitis. 78, 1, p. 7-11

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Hulstaert, E., Ola Bergendorff, Persson, C., Goossens, A., Gilissen, L., Malin Engfeldt, Magnus Bruze, Schuttelaar, M. L., Meijer, J. M. & Lapeere, H. 2017 Dec 20 In : Contact Dermatitis. 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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