Lund University Internet Institute (LUii)

Organisational unit: Division

  1. Stefan LarssonResearcher, Associate Professor in Technology and Social Change, Degree of Doctor, Degree of Master of Laws, Degree of Master (60 credits), Degree of Licentiate


  2. Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Law
    • intellectual property law, contract law, information technology, open data, cloud computing, privacy
  3. Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Social Work
  4. Josepha WesselsResearcher, PhD, Leadership, Organisation and Action: Leading Change - Executive Certificate, Kennedy School of Management, Harvard University, USA. , Certificate for Teaching and Learning for Higher Education (LATHE), Lund University, Lund, Sweden. , PhD, Master of ArtsKnown as name: Joshka Wessels

    Person: Academic

    Research areas and keywords:
    • MENA-region, Syria, Syrian Refugees, Israel/Palestine, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Peacebuilding, Hydropolitics, Media and Communication Studies, Environment, Cultural Anthropology, Human Geography, Ethnography, Ethnographic Film, Media Studies, Refugee studies, Migration, Arab World , Qanats, Heritage, Water