Andreas Falck

Researcher, PhD



I defended my PhD in 2016.

Thesis topic

My thesis concerned interest as a contagious emotion. Our interest in things and events is contagious, in the sense that we become interested in what interests others without reflecting upon this fact. Notably, this typically implies that we focus on the same information as our peers – shared interest leads to shared beliefs. I relate this phenomenon to higher level cognitive social understanding, such as understanding false (non-shared) beliefs. How does the social transfer of interest interact with:

  • Infants appreciation of others’ diverging perspectives?
  • Three-year-olds’ responses in verbal false-belief tasks?

Other research interests

  • The role of contextual information in social attention
  • False-belief tasks, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Functional connections among attention, perspective-taking and self-other cognition

I am also interested in the philosophy (particularly ontology) of psychology, and other topics residing in the intersection between philosophy and psychology.


I teach research methods, developmental psychology and neuropsychology intermittently.

Recent research outputs

Elia Psouni, Andreas Falck, Wallin, M., Siden, L., Boström, L. & Persson, M. 2015

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstract

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