Andrés Palacio

Associate Senior Lecturer, Phd, Master of Science, Master of Science, BSc

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Economic History


I do research on three areas: 1) structural transformation and institutional capabilities with a focus on the role of agricultural sector in developing countries 2) social demography with a focus on health inequalities 3) climate change and productivity. I do a lot of quantatitive modelling, but grounded on theory drawn mostly from economic history and demography. The motivation to do research on these areas comes from past experience working as deputy minister of labor affairs of Colombia and director of social promotion in the ministry of health in Colombia. However my interest nowadays covers Latinamerica, Africa and Asia.       


I have been teaching development economics and economics history since 2011 at the undergraduate and graduate level. The courses I teach on a regular basis are EKHM63 (economic growth over time and space), EKHM61 (Development of Emerging Economies), EKHA40/41 (U-länder I den globala ekonomin) EKHH42 (Emerging Asia-Economic Transformation in East and South East Asia), EKHE43 (The Rising Giants – China entering the global scene), UTVC13 (Development Studies: Utvecklingsteorier UTVC16 (Development Studies: Research Methods in Development Studies). 

Professional work

I worked as financial controller in the financial sector (Davivienda trust company and BRC Investor Services affiliated to Fitch Ratings) and the real sector (Bayer SA) between 1995 and 2001 in Bogotá. Then I studied at the LSE for 2 years and went back to Colombia as the academic coordinator of the Master in Government and Public Policy at the Externado university in Bogotá. In 2005 I was appointed as the national director of social promotion in the ministry of health and had to identify, formulate and implement policies to improve the health conditions of the most vulnerable populaiton of Colombia

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