Anton Såmark-Roth

Doctoral Student


My PhD studies are stationed at Lund University. As a part of the Nuclear Structure group one of my main objectives is to shed light on the properties of the heaviest atomic nuclei through spectroscopy experiments. With a brand new type of germanium detectors, called Compex, a state of the art particle-γ coincidence detection chamber, Lundium, is to be developed. The aim with Lundium is to improve our understanding of nuclear shell structure and help answering the exciting research questions:

  • How heavy can atomic elements be?
  • Where is the "Island of Stability"?

My work will include a detailed characterisation of the Lundium chamber through a close interplay of Monte-Carlo simulations with Geant4 and measurements performed at a lab in Lund. Following this I will participate in; experiments at a large scale accelerator facility, data analysis, physics interpretation and presentation of results.

Read more about our groups research and the successful experiment on the element with 115 protons, moscovium.