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My research focuses on energy and geography in the context of climate change, often from the perspective that a socially just and deep decarbonization as a desirable social goal. I approach on these nature-society interactions through problem-driven interdisciplinary science, mainly drawing on geography, sociology and natural science (e.g. thermodynamics) to develop solutions-oriented research outcomes.

My PhD focused on the North-South dynamics in the geographies of transport energy: the case of EU biofuels. Within a sustainability science frame, I drew on critical realism, emancipatory social science, and a mixed methods approach to examine the complex interdependencies of energy and geography across three interconnected analytical domains: geopolitics, energy markets and energy landscapes. My thesis provided a systematic diagnosis and critique of the social and environmental claims of EU biofuel regulation, to later proceed to discuss alternatives and transformation to address the concerns raised in the critique. You can find more information here.


Since 2012 I have been teaching and supervising students for undergraduate and master courses in a variety of courses at Lund University. These include:

  • Climate, Science and Society
  • Gender and Sustainability in Theory and Everyday Life
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science: Master’s Thesis
  • Economy and Sustainability
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Governance of Sustainability
  • Social Science Lab
  • Methods for Climate Risk Management
  • Sustainable development from a local, regional and global perspective
  • Environmental Science: Industrial Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Science: Instruments for preventative environmental protection

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