Elia Psouni

Senior Lecturer


The main goal of my research is to advance our understanding of developmental processes associated with emotional regulation and capacity to achieve psychological balance and, thereby, wellbeing, throughout the lifespan. The mechanisms how experiences in close relationships - conceptualized through an attachment theoretical perspective - affect this balance are a special focus. I address these issues combining methods from attachment research, cognitive developmental research, and experimental neuropsychological techniques but also looking at social epidemiological data. Another focus is on the evolutionary roots of human development.

My research interests and current projects include:

• Attachment and caregiving: development and consequences
Barns psykiska hälsa och välbefinnande


• Structure of cognitive representations of close relationships

Barns psykiska hälsa: Emotionell utveckling och scriptad kunskap om nära relationer

• Socioemotional development in middle childhood and preadolescence

• Parental caregiving development and its antecedents

Föräldrars vuxna anknytningsrepresentationer påverkar deras tankar, känslor och beteende gentemot sin partner och därmed deras gemensamma föräldraskap


• Emotion regulation, family relationships and dealing with health adversity

Det drabbade barnet och dess familj i sjukvården


• Evolutionary roots of human development

Förhållandet mellan utvecklingen av hjärnan och beteende i ontogenetiskt och evolutionärt perspektiv


• Socio-cognitive development in early childhood

Förmåga till mentalt perspektivtagande och små barns explicita "Theory of Mind" (PDF)


Professional preparation

I have an MSc in Organizational Psychology (1997) and a PhD in Developmental Psychology (1999) from the Department of Experimental Psychology, Bristol University, UK. I have training in CBT and am registered clinical psychologist in the UK and Sweden (Psykologlegitimation 2000). I did a post-doc in Medical Psychology and Pediatric Psychology (2000-2002) at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University.

Professional Activities

Chair of the Nordic Attachment Network (NAN) – see http://nordicattachmentnetwork.nu/

Director of the Division of Developmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology


  • Attachment and Human Development
  • International Journal of Behavioural Development
  • Psychology of Men and Masculinity
  • Stress and Health
  • PLoS ONE
  • Brain and Behavior
  • Scandinavian Journal of Psychology
  • European Journal of Developmental Psychology
  • Current Advances in Developmental Psychology
  • Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
  • Invited reviewer for Norton & Co
  • Invited reviewer for McGraw Hill Publishers

Professional Memberships

  • Americal Psychological Association (APA)
  • Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)
  • Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies (SEAS)
  • International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD)
  • Swedish Psychological Association (Sveriges Psykologförbund)

Special collaborations

  • Member of board, Centre of Excellence in Reproductive and Perinatal Science (CERPS), LU
  • Member of EpiHealth strategic research group, LU
  • Collaboration with professor Juan Merlo (LU), combining the social epidemiological and developmental psychological perspectives

Method development

Secure Base Script Test for middle childhood (SBST: Psouni & Apetroaia, 2011a, 2011b, 2013)

Parental Caregiving and Attachment Interview (P-CAI: Bengtsson & Psouni, 2008; Psouni & Bengtsson, under revision).

Method training and reliability

  • Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)
  • Reactions to Diagnosis Interview (RDI)
  • Friends and Family Interview (FFI)
  • Reflective Functioning (RF)
  • Attachment Script Assessment (ASA)
  • Late Childhood Attachment Interview (LCAI/BISK)



I am responsible for teaching of Developmental Psychology within the (Clinical) Psychologist Program and within the International MSc Program. I am also course coordinator and head examiner for the undergraduate (Bachelor’s) and Master’s Theses (International MSc Program) courses at the Department of Psychology.

Recent research outputs

Elia Psouni, Andreas Falck, Boström, L., Persson, M., Sidén, L. & Wallin, M., 2019 Jan, In : Child Development. 90, 1, p. 35-50

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