Jayne Jönsson

Doctoral Student, MSc, MA

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Business Administration


My dissertation research is a collection thesis and investigates what business/market entails for third sector organisations, its opportunities, challenges and implications. I intend to conduct 5-6 case studies in Sweden and South Africa, 3 of which have been concluded in Spring 2016 and the fourth case is underway. Most of the cases show influences of market logics, although in varied degrees. This phenomenon is relevant and interesting in many respects as nonprofit organisations are premised on achieving social mission, not market goals.
My first case Skyddsvärnet, a 115 year old Swedish nonprofit, was left with no choice but to embrace the market arena since their state funding ceased in the 1990s. The findings indicate that both market logics and social logics have equal importance for Skyddsvärnet, and these logics are interdependent making the organisation a hybrid. Framed in a hybrid context where market logics are applied in order to achieve social goals, the findings suggest that the tension from the logics are both competitive and cooperative. Considering the logics' interdependence, one can not be without the other. My study therefore suggests a nurturing of tension as a mechanism in keeping hybridity so that none of the logics is lost in translation. Without this active tension, an isomorphic pull would lead to the dominance of one logic and therefore the collapse of hybridity. The latter could mean that a nonprofit hybrid like Skyddsvärnet can become as any business organisation there is (if the market logic takes over) or any nonprofit organisation that can't sustain (if the social logic takes over) and therefore run risk of annihilating itself.