Jörgen Eksell

Senior Lecturer


Research interest

My main research interest lies in the field of marketing communication and service studies, and more specifically communication connected to issues such as brand communication, value creation and hospitality. In addition I am also interested in qualitative methods in strategic communication and perhaps more specifically ethnography.

Brand communication

My interest in brand communication has to a large extent been connected to the service industry and how new and sometimes disputed form forms of branding practices have become prevalent in the service industry. More specifically I am interested in how front staff personnel are used as ambassadors for brands, and how the service providers themselves understand och form strategies and practices for communicating the brand values.

During the last year, my interest in branding practices has broadened to include place, city and regional branding.  I work in an ongoing project with Cecilia Cassinger on the regional brand the Family Helsingborg (Familjen Helsingborg). Some empirical data has been collected during 2014, and we are planning a couple of papers during 2015.

Value creation

Research in service management and marketing has in the past decade highlighted the concept of value creation. In service organizations value creation is described as a process in which the customer uses a company's value proposition in a meaningful way. However, research has tended to ignore the contextual meaning, and few empirical studies have shown how context is relevant.

In my doctoral dissertation Value creating Hospitality: how values of hospitality are framed, established and negotiated in the hotel industry (in Swedish), in service studies at the Department of service management and service studies at Lund University, I explore this problem.

The findings shows that value is created, established and negotiated when interpersonal strategies and tactics, organizational procedures such as the check-in, and service strategies, are interwoven with social and cultural values that frame services, equipment and facilities as attractive. The conclusions suggest that creation of value is a complex phenomenon, consisting of processes that are rarely highlighted in service management and marketing. In order to highlight the interwoven, procedural character of these constellations, the concept of value transition is introduced. The concept of value transition encompasses the relevant phenomenon, and thus has an ontological focus that enables analytical sharpness. The results show that the theoretical foundations of how value is to be broadened in order to highlight the multiple, disparate processes and especially highlighting how they interact in different situations.


I am currently involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching within the following subject areas: qualitative methods, marketing and marketing communication, strategic brand communication, and hospitality studies.

Research interests/ key words: value co-creation, value proposition, service work, service branding, place branding, hospitality, marketing communication, and ethnography.


Commissioned research and education

In 2015 I was course coordinator for a course in Strategic Communication given to communicator at Region Skåne. Together with a team of collegues I will give a course that focus on themes as strategic communication, branding of public organisations, communication planning, change communication and the use of social media in communicating with the public.

In 2013 I evaluated Drick Tapwater (Drick Kranvatten), a communication project, aimed to affect young people’s awareness and attitude towards tap water. In the evaluation I analyzed a survey and interviewed pupils and teachers at the schools that participated in the project.

Recent research outputs

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