Johan Frid


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  • Language Technology (Computational Linguistics)
  • General Language Studies and Linguistics


I work in the Lund University Humanities Laboratory as a local coordinator and expert in the national consortium for language technology, Swe-Clarin. The work consists of consultations and collaborations with researchers and research groups. For example, one project is concerned with the developent of a syllable dictionary which is used in neurolinguistic studies of early word activation in online language processing and was included in a Phd dissertation (Söderström). A second project is concerned with tools for semantic tagging and comparisons of text corpora. This work was presented at the conference Svenskans Beskrivning (Gustafsson, Frid). Another project investigated how pitch accent in speech and head and eye-brow movements jointly highlight information (Ambrazaitis, House). As an extension, this work was one part in the project application The production of prosodic prominence: integrating bodily and articulatory gestures (House, Ambrazaitis, Frid, Svensson Lundmark) which received a grant from the Swedish Research Council. A fourth project, co-funded by the strategic research area for e-Science, eSSENCE, focuses on information extraction from scientific articles in the area of epidemiology (Björk). This has lead to an extension in the form of participation in the successful application as a Pufendorf theme: DATA (Davies). Furthermore, I work with research of articulator movements during speech using the articulography facilities in the Lab. I also develop and maintain the software Scriptlog, which is used for research in writing.

Recent research outputs

Johan Frid, Gilbert Ambrazaitis, Malin Svensson Lundmark & House, D. 2017 Sep 25 Proceedings of the 4th European and 7th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication (MMSYM 2016). Paggio, P. & Navarretta, C. (eds.). Linköping University Electronic Press, Linköpings universitet, p. 4-9 6 p. 002. (Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings)

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Victoria Johansson, Johan Frid, Gustafsson, P. & Wengelin, Å. 2017 May 9

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Victoria Johansson, Johan Frid & Gustafsson, P. 2017 Apr 20

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