Johanna Akujärvi

Researcher, Associate professor

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Currently I am working on two project that concern antiquity in Sweden. One project focuses on ancient Greek in school, university, poetry and speech in the Swedish empire. With researchers in Tartu and Helsinki, we seek to answer questions like why did some chose to use (Humanist) Greek in stead of (Neo-)Latin? Prestige, show of learning and ambition are obvious answers, but related to the wider context, what else can have been at stake? Who were the authors? For whom did they write? What did they write? The other project is a study on Swedish translators of ancient literature (the 16th to the 21st centuries). The aim is to study the small section of the Swedish reception of Antiquity accessed through the translations. The material allows us to follow changes and continuities in Swedish perception and interpretation of the literatures of Antiquity over more than 400 years.

In my research I have had a constant interest in how the writing persona constructs a role and function for its "I" in the text, and its entering into a larger tradition. In my doctoral thesis I explored the elusive yet ever present Ego in Pausanias' Periegesis, in my current project I explore the translators' constuction of their roles at the intersection between Antiquity and the present.

Recent research outputs

Johanna Akujärvi, 2018, Gender and Translation. Understanding Agents in Transnational Reception. Herrero López, I., Alvstad, C., Akujärvi, J. & Skarsbø Lindtner, S. (eds.). Québec: Éditions québécoises de l’œuvre, p. 31-57 (Vita Traductiva; vol. 10)

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Johanna Akujärvi, 2018, Svenskt översättarlexikon. Kleberg, L. (ed.). Litteraturbanken

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Johanna Akujärvi, 2018

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