Laleh Foroughanfar

Doctoral Student, PhD


Laleh is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment and a Research Fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University. An architect by training, Laleh holds a master's degree in Sustainable Urban Design from Lund University. She has particular interest in the study of socio-spatial processes. At the same time she works as Persian and Turkish languages instructor for MA students at CMES.


Academic Background

•  PhD Candidate (current)

•  MSc in Sustainable Urban Design, Lund University

•  BA Architecture


Her PhD project entitled "Placemaking from Below: Immigrants and Spatial Practices in Malmö” rests on the notion of placemaking as a continuous and flexible process. The research explores physical environments of ethnically diverse neighborhoods in relation to social interactions and cultural practices. This provides a crucial yet neglected perspective on how to understand and counteract segregation and marginalization with regard to identity processes and senses of place in such neighborhoods. Specifically, the project highlights the physical transformation of urban environments in Malmö and its consequences for actorhood, exploring grassroots engagement aspiring to (re)appropriate urban spaces through creativity, collaboration or resistance. The overall aim of the project is to explore immigrant-initiated changes in Malmö.


Research Interests

•  Urban development and democratization

•  Migration, integration and local urban politics

•  Public space, identity, social encounters and everyday practices

•   Environment and sustainable development