Matthäus Schulik

Doctoral Student, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science

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  • Natural Sciences


I'm a PhD student working on questions regarding how giant planets form.

This concerns our solar system as well as the many extrasolar systems that we've become able to observe in the recent decades.

My project at the moment focuses on the amount of gas that a rocky protoplanet can recieve from its parent protoplanetary disc. Only gas that falls onto the protoplanet and also cools sufficiently fast will contribute to its atmosphere, eventually possibly growing it into a gas giant, that is mass-dominated by the atmosphere. To investigate how and if this happens we use 3D radiative-hydrodynamic codes that can resolve the smalles to the biggest scales in this physical problem.

Scientific interests of mine in general are also planetary atmospheres, plasma physics and nonlinear wave phenomena.

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Matthäus Schulik, 2014 Sep 1, Icarus, 239

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