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Since 1st of January 2017 I am officially retired, so I suppose the correct title should be Professor Emeritus. However, not much will change with regards to research. I will still be very active within two of our research groups within Quaternary Sciences at the Department of Geology:(1) Glacial Processes, Sediments and Landforms and, (2) Reconstruction of Quaternary environments in Polar and mid-latitude regions - palaeoglaciology and climate history. Polar research lies close to my heart; since 1989 I have made extensive field work on Greenland, Svalbard, Siberia in arctic Russia and on Antarctica. More on my expeditions can be found on: (

Much of presently ongoing research centres around (i) the formation of drumlins in south Sweden and, (ii) glacial history and palaeoenvironmental change in south Scandinavia for a period before the Last Glacial Maximum (50-30,000 years ago, MIS 3).  A new project in which I am involved in, that started in 2015, is the EU/Marie Curie project MICROWINE (, headed from Denmark, in which 15 PhD student try to come to grip with what 'terroir' is when it comes to wine.

News and activities:

January, 2018: Nordic Geologic Winter Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark. A 3-day gatering of primarily Nordic geologists.

December, 2017: AGU meeting in New Orleans, USA. Gathering some 21 000 geologist.

August, 2017: Field work at Sjaelland Odde, Denmark. Coring sediment sequences in the Örnberg vineyards for the MICROWINE project.

May 2017: A mini-symposium and excursion with the theme "The Beauty of Drumlins and the Mystery of their Genesis" that was hold at the Department of Geology in "the honor of the retirement" of Per Möller. Colleagues came from Canada, USA, Britain, Norway, Denmark and Sweden to hold inspiring talks on the subject of above, and we had a nice excursion to Småland in fantastic spring weather.

April 2017: Presentation of results from my SGU-funded project 'A glacial-geologic enigma: ice streams over south Scandinavia and no ice in the north. Is this a possible scenario?' at the yearly FoU seminar at SGU in Uppsala.

September 2016. Field work in Ribera del Duero, Spain. Coring sediment sequences in the Dominio de Pingus vineyards for the MICROWINE project.

August 2016: Drilling of 25-50 m deep sediment sequences in Småland (age span 50,000-25,000 years ago), SGU-funded 3-year grant.

May 2016: GFF 'best article award 2015' for Möller & Dowling, 2015: The importance of thermal boundary transitions on glacial geomorphology; mapping of ribbed/hummocky moraine and streamlined terrain from LiDAR, over Småland, South Sweden. GFF 137, 252–283. (

April 2016: Presentation at the EGU general assembly, Vienna, with a talk on "On the issue of equifinallity in glacial geomorphology".

March 2016: Field work in Margaret River Valley, West Australia. Coring sediment sequences in the Vasse Felix Estate for the MICROWINE project.

February 2016: A sort of termination of our drumlin project for south Sweden with the dissertation of Tom Dowling with a thesis consisting of 6 drumlin-related papers. (

November 2015: Two-weeks drilling with the LTH-hosted VR-funded 'Infrastructure Drill Rig' into 100 m deep Alnarp sediment in south Skåne - with very poor results due to technical problems. SGU-funded 3-year grant.

March 2014: Field work in Tierra del Fuego, southern tip of South America. Coring lake basins along the Beagle Channel for shore-line reconstructions.

July - August, 2012: Expedition to the Taimyr Peninsula, Arctic Siberia. Expedition blog can be seen on:

July - August, 2010: Expedition to the Taimyr Peninsula, Arctic Siberia. Expedition blog can be seen on:



As a glacial/Quaternary geologist I have tought courses in glacial sedimentology and geomorphology, as well as glacial history and applied aspects of quaternary geology as hydrogeology, engineering geology and resource- and environmental geology. I will still teach my ordinary courses in 2017 as my replacement is still not in place, but hopefully will in May 2018.

Recent research outputs

Flindt, A-C., Helena Alexanderson, Benediktsson, I. Ö. & Per Möller 2018 Jan 11 In : Boreas.

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Dowling, T., Per Möller & Spagnolo, M. 2016 Dec 1 In : Journal of Quaternary Science. 31, 8, p. 879-892 14 p.

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