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My research is mainly in the area of theoretical syntax. I am currently working on topics that in one way or another deal with argument realization in relation to the licensing predicates. My main focus is on various types of passive and impersonal sentences in English, Finnish and the other Finnic languages. Another current topic is the relation between participles and relative clauses in Finnish and related languages. My earlier research topics include the placement of adverbials and the structure and placement of prepositional and postpositional phrases in Finnish.

I have recently received external funding and worked jointly with Fredrik Heinat (Stockholm University) and Eva Klingvall (Lund University) on the properties of passive and impersonal constructions in Finnish and Swedish (2009-2012, funded by the Swedish Research Council), with Eva Klingvall (Lund University) on passivization in English (2011, funded by The Crafoord Foundation) and with Fabian Beijer (Lund University) also on passivization in English (2011, funded by the Erik-Philip Sörensen Foundation). I have previously also worked jointly with Diane Nelson (University of Leeds) on the properties of passives and impersonals in Finnic and Saami languages (2002-2004, funded by the British Academy).

I am member of the "generative" cluster of English linguistics (see

Recent research outputs

Satu Manninen, 2018, In : Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics. 7, 1, 13 p.

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Satu Manninen, Ellen Turner & Cecilia Wadsö-Lecaros, 2018, Utvecklingskonferens 17. Larsson, M. & Bergqvist Rydén, J. (eds.). 2017 ed. Lund: Centre for Educational Development, Lunds universitet, p. 106-113

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