Stefan Sennfältaffiliated with the university, Phd Student,

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Neurology


My project aims to study survival and functional status after stroke in the long term (up to 5 years). Also, I analyse what characterizes patients that decline in functional status or pass away during the follow-up period. The situation of the next of kin of stroke survivors is also addressed.

The project consists of four parts

1: To describe survival and functional status during the first 5 years after stroke.

2: To investigate the importance of recurrent stroke, dementia and other conditions for change in functional status after stroke.

3: To analyze what characterizes patients not participating in the Riksstroke follow-up (not returning questionnaires). The importance of comorbidity, living conditions, civil and socioeconomic status.

4: To explore the situation of the next of kin up to 5 years after stroke in relation to health status of the stroke survivor.