Classics Refashioned. Swedish Translations of Ancient Literature

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  • Translation of ancient literature, Swedish translations of ancient literature, Swedish translations of Greek literature, Swedish translation of Latin literature, Swedish history of translation, Ancient literature in Sweden


Classics Refashioned intends to study Swedish translations of ancient Greek and Roman literature. This is a continuous and ever changing tradition of translations beginning c. 1595. The study will be conductend in two subprojects. A survey on the macrolevel of general trends and changes in the Swedish translation tradition (subproject 1) will be related to textual changes in translations on the microlevel (subproject 2). The chronological focus is double. Subproject 2 is an in depth study of translations 1750–1850, a period characterized by transformation in many fields, including translation; subproject 1 contributes to the study of contexts of translation 1750–1850, and puts translations of the focus period in relation to both what came before and what comes after by its diachronic study of the Swedish translation tradition 1590–1990.

It is posited that norms of translating ancient literature change according to the reception and perception of antiquity, the study of antiquity and the ancient languages, and notions of the relevance of ancient literature for contemporary literature and poetics. The aim is to show the dynamics of change in detail by investigating the interplay between translation practices and contemporary cultural and conceptual developments, and to contribute new perspectives to the histories of literature, classical studies and reception in Sweden, and to the history of ideas and concepts.
Short titleClassics Refashioned
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