Digital Multimedia Archive of Austroasiatic Intangible Heritage (Dig-AAA)

Project: Research


This project establishes a digital multimedia facility dedicated to the intangible cultural heritage of the Austroasiatic communities of Southeast Asia and India. It is the first digital archive dedicated to a specific language family in the region. This interdisciplinary initiative brings together an international network of scholars to establish a persistent and sustainable eScience resource.

This project will build a state-of-the-art digital repository designed to preserve past and future multimedia collections documenting Austroasiatic intangible heritage, and spearhead new directions in research. The Austroasiatic language family consists of some 168 languages, spoken predominantly by minority societies, scattered across mainland Southeast Asia and India. Only the Khmer and Vietnamese languages share the distinction of having national status. This is the first digital archive dedicated to a specific Southeast Asian language family and its highly endangered linguistic and cultural heritage.

One of our major aims is to encourage sustained multidisciplinary exploitation of this resource in the newly evolving field of eScience. The combination of the well-defined language family basis of the archive, in conjunction with the implementation of dynamic, innovative data management technology will mark this resource out from currently available databases. The archive will take full advantage of the recent advances in information and communications technology and permit interoperability between individual collections. This will be achieved by building innovative networks across the corpora, and creating optimal data management and access to the archive by implementing appropriate cataloguing and search and retrieval systems for our target audiences: researchers, the communities represented in the archive, and the general public.
Effective start/end date2012/04/012015/12/31