GenerationTech – Ageing, Technology and Health from a Generational Perspective

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  • CASE - Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments


The unique perspective of this project is to address ageing and technology from a generational perspective as related to health. We will address the paucity of research addressing perceptions of and attitudes to technology, adoption and usage among people of different generations as related to the technological developments they have experienced during their lifetime. Our aim is to generate new knowledge on such aspects and how they are associated with active and healthy ageing, with specific attention to cohort and period similarities and
differences. Addressing the paucity of theoretically founded large-scale empirical projects, our project is founded on a combination of theories on health, environmental gerontology, age stratification and technology. Using quantitative and qualitative data, the ambitious mixed methods design rests on an inter- and
transdisciplinary approach with international outreach. We will start with a series of focus groups (Study I) to increase the understanding of perceptions of, attitudes to and experiences of using different types of technology
in different age cohorts. A national survey (Study II) will be used to validate the findings from Study I and to address research questions relating technology attitudes and developments to health. In order to encourage the
involvement of users, validate the emerging findings in the Swedish context, and prepare for international projects, we will organise a series of World Cafés (Study III) in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Latvia. Based on valid knowledge of the ageing population’s attitudes and experiences, needs and wishes, the results can be used
to promote the use of technology in everyday life as people age, ultimately enhancing their active participation in society. Communication and knowledge translation activities will cover scientific, societal, policy and practical
aspects with the goal of acquiring the highest possible visibility and use of research results.
Short titleGenerationTech
Effective start/end date2018/09/012022/08/31