Language as a tool for understanding consumer attitudes and improving the social impact of sustainable products

Project: Research


In this interdisciplinary project in linguistics, text mining and management at Lund University, we aim the discovery of linguistic (lexical and semantic) information that provides insights about consumer attitudes towards sustainable food products and toiletries, and more specifically, according to what criteria people of different social profile (in terms of gender, age, educational background, professional activity and nationality) assess these products. A corpus with texts extracted from two different sources (social media text and questionnaires) is compiled, and sociodemographic information about the authors is attributed to the collected texts. The annotated data are analyzed under the scope of consumers’ satisfaction in terms of their different social profile, and according to the way they position themselves towards sustainable consumption. The linguistic clues (e.g., lexical-semantic patterns), as well as the quantitative information (e.g., satisfaction score), are further elaborated, and important insights about the reviewed products and their social impact are derived.
Effective start/end date2018/09/012021/08/31