OLEFINE: OLEaginous yeast platforms for FINE chemicals

Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Other Biological Topics
  • Genetics
Short titleThe Olefine project
Effective start/end date2018/01/012021/12/31

Collaborative partners

  • Lund University
  • Technical University of Denmark (Project partner) (lead)
  • BioPhero ApS (Project partner)
  • Biotrend (Project partner)
  • Novagrica Hellas S.A. (Project partner)
  • National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos (Project partner)
  • ISCA technologies, inc. (Project partner)
  • University of Manchester (Project partner)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (Project partner)


  • Christer Löfstedt - Functional zoology (PI)
  • Baojian Ding - Functional zoology (Researcher)
  • Hong-Lei Wang - Functional zoology (Researcher)
  • Erika Tóth - Functional zoology (Researcher)
  • Herrgard, Markus - LocalizedString(id=52322904, text={sv_SE=Technical University of Denmark, en_GB=Technical University of Denmark}) (PI)
  • Borodina, Irina - LocalizedString(id=52315777, text={sv_SE=BioPhero ApS, en_GB=BioPhero ApS}) (PI)
  • Sommer Ferreira, Bruno - LocalizedString(id=52312113, text={sv_SE=Biotrend, en_GB=Biotrend}) (PI)
  • Raptopoulos, Dimitris - LocalizedString(id=52313399, text={sv_SE=Novagrica Hellas S.A., en_GB=Novagrica Hellas S.A.}) (PI)
  • Konstantopolou, Maria - LocalizedString(id=52320883, text={sv_SE=National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos, en_GB=National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos}) (PI)
  • Mafra-Neto, Agenor - LocalizedString(id=52313401, text={sv_SE=ISCA technologies, inc., en_GB=ISCA technologies, inc.}) (PI)