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  1. PhD

    Haneen Hamada

    Project: Research

  2. HARVEST: Prediction, Prevention and Treatment of Progressing Heart Failure and Coincident Cognitive Impairment

    Martin Magnusson & Hannes Holm

    Greta & Johan Kocks stiftelser, Hjärt-Lungfonden, Ernhold Lundströms stiftelse, Crafoordska stiftelsen

    Project: Dissertation

  3. Press Coverage of the Refugee and Migrant Crisis in the EU: A Content Analysis of Five European Countries

    Tina Askanius, Mike Berry, Tobias Linné & Inaki Garcia-Blanco

    Project: Commissioned researchInternational collaboration


    Kristina Drott

    Project: Research

  5. Range expansion in Swedish Lepidopterans

    Lars B. Pettersson

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  6. Reduced tillage effects on soil microorganisms and soil quality

    Sofia Hydbom, Pål Axel Olsson, Maria Ernfors & Erik Steen Jensen

    Project: DissertationInterdisciplinary research

  7. Reperfusion in acute ischemic stroke

    Christine Kremer, Kasim Abul-Kasim & Fabienne Perren

    Project: ResearchClinical research

  8. Research Group on Migration and Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations

    Eleni Karageorgiou, Mark Gibney & Daniel Augenstein

    Project: NetworkInternational collaboration

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