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abstract = "One of the most dynamic interactions between humans and technology of our time is the development of artificial intelligence, materialized in various types of communicative robots. Thrilling questions are raised about how human-like these robots can be and how far this interaction will go. It is no exaggeration to state that speculations about the robots’ role in our lives far exceed what we know from empirical studies. The presence of robots is becoming particularly significant in two respects: warfare and in the care sector (Johansson 2015, Young et al 2011). Military robots – drones - with the capacity to kill people have already caused civil victims. It is estimated that in Pakistan about 2200-3300 people have been killed by drones since 2004 (Johansson 2015 p.94) The care sector on the other hand, is a new arena for robots nurtured by policy discussions on how to meet the challenges with growing older populations in Europe and elsewhere in the Western world and Asia. Depending on whether the new technology complement or replace other ways to get home care, it affect the cost of care for elderly citizens (European Commisson 2015 p.147). Investments in research and development in systems for long-term monitoring in combination with robots in the homes of elderly people are large both in the European framework programs and in businesses. It is supposed to enable older people to live at home as long as possible instead of moving to a nursing home or other forms of accommodation for the elderly (European Year for Active Ageing 2012, WHO 2012, Bangemann 1994). The European Union, Member States and industry invested more than €1 billion in three research programs oriented towards technology and ageing well between 2008 and 2013.",
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