Further Treatments of Root-filled Teeth in the Swedish Adult Population: A Comparison of Teeth Restored with Direct and Indirect Coronal Restorations

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Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequencies of nonsurgical retreatment, root-end surgery, extraction, and further restoration of root-filled teeth in Sweden in 2009 during a follow-up period of 5 years and to compare the outcomes in teeth restored with direct or indirect restorations. Methods: Data from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency were analyzed, and the frequencies of nonsurgical retreatment, root-end surgery, extractions, and further restoration were calculated for all teeth registered as root filled during 2009. Chi-square tests were applied to detect any significant differences in the frequency of further treatment in teeth registered as restored with either a direct or an indirect restoration within 6 months of root filling. Results: Of the 248,299 teeth reported root filled in Sweden in 2009, nonsurgical retreatment was registered in 2.2%, root-end surgery in 1.0%, and extractions in 9.2% during the follow-up period. Of the teeth restored with a direct restoration within 6 months after the root filling, 30.3% were registered as having undergone at least 1 further direct restoration; the corresponding percentage of teeth with indirect restorations was 6.4%. A statistically significant difference in the frequency of nonsurgical retreatment, extraction, and further restoration was found; teeth restored with an indirect restoration within 6 months of root filling had fewer of these treatments than those restored by direct restoration. Conclusions: Low frequencies of nonsurgical retreatment and root-end surgery were reported 5 years after root filling, whereas extraction was more common. Fewer additional treatment procedures were registered for teeth with indirect restorations than for those with direct restorations.


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  • Apicoectomy, Endodontics, Epidemiology, Permanent dental restoration, Root canal therapy, Tooth extraction
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JournalJournal of Endodontics
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