High-Performance Lateral Nanowire InGaAs MOSFETs with Improved On-Current

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title = "High-Performance Lateral Nanowire InGaAs MOSFETs with Improved On-Current",
abstract = "We report on In0.85Ga0.15As MOSFETs utilizing selectively grown lateral nanowires as the channel. These devices exhibit ON-current of ION = 565μ/Aμm at IOFF =100 nA/μm and VD=0.5 V, which is higher than all other reported values for III-V FETs. This is enabled by a transconductance of 2.9 mS/μm and a minimum SSsat of 77 mV/decade. A ballistic top-of-the-barrier model is used to model these devices and to predict their ultimate performance, which is approximately twice that of the fabricated devices.",
keywords = "III-V, InGaAs, MOSFET, nanowire",
author = "Zota, {Cezar B.} and Wernersson, {Lars Erik} and Erik Lind",
year = "2016",
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doi = "10.1109/LED.2016.2602841",
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