InGaAs tri-gate MOSFETs with record on-current

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title = "InGaAs tri-gate MOSFETs with record on-current",
abstract = "We demonstrate InGaAs tri-gate MOSFETs with an on-current of ION = 650 μA/μm at VDD = 0.5 V and IOFF = 100 nA/μm, enabled by an inverse subthreshold slope of SS = 66 mV/decade and transconductance of gm = 3 mS/μm, a Q-factor of 45. This is the highest reported Ion for both Si-based and III-V MOSFETs. These results continue to push III-V MOSFET experimental performance towards its theoretical limit. We find an improvement in SS from 81 to 75 mV/dec. as the effective oxide thickness (EOT) is scaled down from 1.4 to 1 nm, as well as improvements in SS, gd and DIBL from reducing the nanowire width. We also find that electron mobility remains constant as the width is scaled to 18 nm.",
author = "Zota, {Cezar B.} and Fredrik Lindelow and Wernersson, {Lars Erik} and Erik Lind",
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