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Universitetslektor, Sten K. Johnson Centre for EntrepreneurshipTidigare namn: Caroline Wigren-KristofersonTidigare namn: Caroline Wigren


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My name is Caroline Wigren-Kristoferson and I have a position as Associate Professor at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Lund University. My disciplinary background is Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. I defended my dissertation The Spirit of Gnojsö – The grand narrative and beyond at Jönköping International Business School, spring 2003. The dissertation was based on a one-year ethnographic study in the industrial district of Gnosjö, and was written as a monograph.

I partly left Jönköping International Business Scholl in spring 2007, when I started to work at Malmö University. In spring 2008 I started my employment as a research assistant at CIRCLE at Lund University. Since January 2015 I am at Sten K Johnson Center for Entrepreneruship, where I have my position as an associate professor.

Most of my time is devoted to various research projects. The research projects I have been involved in are often empirically driven. The great majority of them are dealing with issues that are of relevance for policy makers. From a more theoretical point of view the projects are dealing with institutions, formal as well as informal. And, in almost all projects the context is taken into account, i.e. entrepreneurship is contextualized – which I consider to be of great importance.


I have long experience in teaching at different levels, as well as in the design, leadership and coordination of education at all levels. I also have experience of supervising PhD students. Over the years I have been involved in the supervision of theses at bachelor and master level. I consider teaching being a very important task at a university. By teaching students and by anchoring our teaching in research, research and knowledge is diffused to society at large through our students.
At the time being I am primarily teaching courses in entrepreneurship and innovation management.


Apart from being involved in research that is conducted in close collaboration with external actors I find it important to communicate what I do to a broader audience. This dialogue gives important input to my everyday work. My research has been published in peer-review journals. Apart from journal articles I have published chapters in books and also reports. I try to write in both English and Swedish. I have also been involved in writing teaching material. I enjoy having lectures and seminars outside the academic context as it is an opportunity to reach out with my research and as it gives valuable input.

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