Georgios Stampoulidis



I am a doctoral candidate in Cognitive Semiotics at Lund University. In Greece, as in other countries of the world, street art, graffiti, and urban art as expressive and worldwide phenomena are often used as different types of urban creativity. Here, street art is understood as a visually perceived unsanctioned cross-cultural medium addressing socio-political issues (but not limited too) and has been chosen due to its all-embracing nature. It typically combines two universal and interacting semiotic systems – language and depiction, and is thus a form of Polysemiotic Communication (PC). Semiotic systems are signs with system-specific properties, and interrelations, in which metaphors and other rhetorical figures can be expressed Above all, I am interested in visual rhetoric and metaphor creativity, pictorial narrativity and storytelling, urban creativity, and new methodological tools as GIS. 




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Georgios Stampoulidis & Bolognesi, M., 2018 okt 24

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Georgios Stampoulidis, Bitouni, T. & Xyntarianos-Tsiropinas, P., 2018 okt 5

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Georgios Stampoulidis, 2018 jul 14 1 s.

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