25% PhD Seminar: Fernando Garnero with Mauro Lanza (discussion)

Activity: Examination and supervisionSupervision of PhD students


25% PhD Seminar: discussion / Inter Feral Arts Festival
Fernando Garnero, Mauro Lanza
Location: Red Room

The PhD seminar will take place on site but will also be streamed via Zoom. To participate via Zoom, please enter the following link: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/69148218797

Some compositional strategies related to granular paradigms: Window, Cycle, Phase, Symbolic Granulation

This seminar is included in the general research framework of my PhD, regarding extended composable spaces, for diversified sound based artistic practices, including trans-media works. For this discussion with the Italian composer Mauro Lanza I will focus on some compositional strategies directly based on or generally related to granular paradigms applied in works with various media or with several concurrent media that I composed during the period 2020-21. The aim is to show how similar granular related compositional strategies are applied in diverse media works.

After a brief introduction on Dennis Gabor’s theory (which is an outgrowth of quantum physics), we will discuss electronic synthesis as a compositional model and as a source for instrumental writing techniques, relating different types of electronic synthesis and some of their compositional outcomes, in order to outline the general framework of the debate.

We will then address the central problem that arises when using micro-time based techniques as a compositional model for longer time scales sound objects, the phenomenon of scale changes and their perception (discussing the relationship between micro sound manipulation and emerging textures in Xenakis’s «second order sonorities»), and the fertile tension between gestalt and texture in granular based instrumental technics, resulting in complex multi-scale sounds.

We will then be able to discuss the above strategies and techniques and their use in various media (always in relation to some of my recent works), from instrumental writing to image manipulation, from digital micro-montage techniques to sound spatialization. We will also discuss their most important notions (as object, window, cycle, phase), focusing finally on symbolic or instrumental granulation.
Period2021 Oct 21
Examinee/Supervised personFernando Garnero
Examination/Supervision held at
Degree of RecognitionInternational