2D Neutron Imaging with 10B-Based Multi-Blade Detector

  • Fissum, K. (First/primary/lead supervisor)
  • Francesco Messi (Second supervisor)

Activity: Examination and supervisionSupervision of masters students


In the field of thermal-neutron imaging, the Multi-Blade detector concept and design, being developed for the upcoming European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden, is unique. The current report presents, for the first time, the neutron-imaging capabilities of a boron-10-based Multi-Blade thermal-neutron detector, measured at a reflectometry instrument at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, England under high spallation neutron flux. This thesis is focused on producing two-dimensional neutron images from the measurements. A full overview of neutron-detection concepts and specifically, the Multi-Blade detector are given. The detector has excellent response to thermal neutrons. Detector short-comings are addressed and suggestions for a next wave of measurements and analysis are given.
Examinee/Supervised personTõnu Ilves
Examination/Supervision held at
Degree of RecognitionNational