Calibration of plastic-scintillator detectors at MAX-lab in preparation of (gamma,pi+) experiments

Activity: Examination and supervisionSupervision


Four plastic-scintillator charged-particle detectors were gain-matched
using cosmic-ray muons in preparation for photopion experiments at MAX-
lab during VT 2009. While the gain matching was successfully completed,
the measured detector gains were observed to have decreased when com-
pared to those obtained during similar tests a year earlier. The basics of
photonuclear measurements in general and at MAX-lab in particular are
presented. The apparatus, experimental setup, and gain-matching proce-
dure are discussed in detail. Results are presented and discussed, together
with suggestions for improving the performance of the detectors.
Examinee/Supervised personDavid Jacobsson
Examination/Supervision held at
Degree of RecognitionNational