Construction and testing of a liquid-scintillator neutron detector using photoneutrons

Activity: Examination and supervisionSupervision of masters students


At the Tagged-Photon Facility at the MAX IV Laboratory, the Swedish National Electron Accelerator Laboratory situated in Lund, bremsstrahlung photons may be used for photonuclear experiments. The production takes place via an interaction between an energetic pulse-stretched electron beam and a thin conducting foil. These photons may be used for probing carbon target. For this work, the 12C(\gamma,n) interaction was measured. During two run periods, June 12 and September 12, a setup with two independent detectors was employed to detect the neutron. The aim of this thesis is to present the construction of a liquid-scintillator neutron detector, how it can be used in a photonuclear experiment, and how the data obtained from such a detector may be analyzed.
Examinee/Supervised personMohsen Meshkian
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Degree of RecognitionNational