IRGC - Iran's powerful guardian: How do they affect Sweden and the world?

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In this episode we discuss one of the most controversial and potentially dangerous organizations in the Middle East – the IRGC, or Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The IRGC is a paramilitary organization considered part of the Iranian government's security apparatus and has been involved in several threatening and destabilizing actions in the region. Today's guest is Ardavan Khoshnood, criminologist, political scientist, and Iran expert. We will discuss the IRGC's role in Iran and its influence, as well as its ability to threaten security in Europe and especially in Sweden. We review the IRGC's links to terrorism and destabilization of the security situation and its role in the Ukraine war. Ardavan also gives us personal examples of threats he has had to endure. We also examine the EU's stance towards the IRGC, as well as what significance a terrorist labeling of the organization would have in Sweden and Europe. Listen to this packed and exciting episode to gain an in-depth understanding of one of the most controversial organizations in the world.
Period2023 May 1
Held atIranpodden, Sweden
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