Modelling natural pest control

  • Alexandridis, N. (Organiser)
  • Clough, Y. (Member of programme committee)
  • Emily A. Martin (Invited speaker)
  • Megan O'Rourke (Invited speaker)
  • Matteo Dainese (Invited speaker)
  • Mattias Jonsson (Invited speaker)
  • Glenn Marion (Invited speaker)
  • Pontarp, M. (Invited speaker)
  • Carsten Meyer (Invited speaker)

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Predicting, managing and optimizing the provision of biodiversity-driven ecosystem services in croplands is a critical component of sustainable environmental management. Increasing losses to pests due to direct and indirect effects of climate change is predicted to hamper our future ability to produce enough food, feed and fibre. Natural biological control of insect pests remains difficult to predict beyond the crop level and system-specific attempts. This is likely due to the diversity in cropping systems and species communities, functional traits of key species, and the contrasting spatio-temporal landscape dynamics. In order to bridge this gap we have already, with BECC support (workshop April 2018) (i) set up a network of ecologists and biological control experts from Europe and North America (ii) developed archetypes of herbivore-natural-enemy cropping systems (iii) developed and validated joint qualitative and quantitative models that use a general framework but allow for differences in model structure between different crops and agroecosystems (i.e. between the archetypes), generating robust and testable predictions.

This workshop was funded by BECC.
Period2019 Jun 172019 Jun 19
Event typeWorkshop
LocationLund, SwedenShow on map