Photon-Tagging Measurements at MAX-lab

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At the Tagged-Photon Facility at MAX-lab, the Swedish National Electron Accelerator Laboratory situated in Lund, bremsstrahlung photons are used for photonuclear experiments. The production takes place via an interaction between an energetic pulsed-stretched electron beam and a thin conducting foil. Determination of the energy and timing of the individual bremsstrahlung photons is made possible by a technique called tagging. The so-called tagging efficiency is used to quantify the photon flux interacting with the target. It relates the number of photons striking the target to the number of electrons involved in their production. The aim of this thesis is to present the results of a comprehensive series measurements of the tagging efficiency for each channel in the tagger focalplane detector performed using two different types of trigger during the June 2011 and September 2011 runperiods. Comparisons are made between the tagging efficiencies obtained using both triggers, demonstrating that the results are independent of the trigger type. Investigations for variations in the tagging efficiency as a function of when the event occurs (the so-called time-in-pulse) have also been performed. These investigations show that the results are independent of the relative timing of the event.
Examinee/Supervised personMohsen Meshkian
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