To discuss current societal challenges, concepts such as crisis and resilience are today widely used both in the public debate and in science. But the more precise meaning of these concepts is often unclear, and we need different perspectives in order to understand and solve the complex problems we face. Within the frames of this theme a multitude of questions can be addressed. How can we strengthen the capacity of people, systems and society to deal with the stresses caused by societal crises and environmental change? How can we make use of experiences from shocks and disturbances like financial crises, climate change, or pandemic outbreaks, to spur renewal, entrepreneurship and innovative thinking? How can research contribute to innovations of the socio-technical systems (food, mobility, energy etc.) producing the crises? How can we increase our knowledge of how humans and nature interact, adapt and impact each other amid change? How can policies and regulations related to the various sustainability arenas (e.g. the European Green Deal, the Global Biodiversity Framework) be used to better promote sustainable development?
Period2021 May 4
Event typeConference
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  • Crisis
  • Risks
  • precariousness
  • resilience
  • strategies
  • innovation
  • policy