In this theme, the focus is on enhancing our knowledge of which roles uncertainty and ambiguity play in sustainability research and how these aspects can be communicated. We encourage presenters to address how we communicate uncertainty and ambiguity today across disciplines. Is uncertainty and ambiguity a driver for knowledge resistance in society and a threat to the legitimacy of science? Future-oriented research, such as sustainability research, entails uncertainties and ambiguities. The systems are too complex to predict what the future will hold. What does science say about communicating ambiguous and uncertain results? What is a good way to communicate our results with uncertainties and ambiguities, without losing credibility? Can uncertainty be turned into something positive? Do we face the same obstacles across disciplines, or are there for example differences between perspective, habits and norms used by different disciplines? Case studies on specific actions to communicate uncertainty and ambiguity in any area such as energy, biodiversity, justice, health, etc are appreciated.
Period2021 May 4
Event typeConference
LocationLund, SwedenShow on map
Degree of RecognitionLocal

Free keywords

  • Communication
  • uncertainty
  • ambiguity
  • knowledge resistance
  • future-oriented methodologies
  • collaboration
  • credibility
  • simplification
  • obstacles
  • disciplinary norms