Archaeological and historical collections at the Historical museum at Lund university

  • Anders Ohlsson (Manager)


    Infrastructure Details


    Cultural Heritage Bank at the Historical museum


    The collection covers around 11 000 000 objects of stone, bone and metals, most of all archaeological finds from Scania from the Ice Age to modern times but also a medieval church art collection, a large collection of antique/Mediterranean classical objects, i.e. plaster copies of sculptures, an anatomic collection containing appr. 2200 human remains and a science and cultural history collection from the eighteenth century onwards.

    Digital and physical collections

    All objects are placed at the Cultural heritage bank, i. e. a store in Lund, and can be reached physically. Information about the objects are also available in an internal database, called MuseumPlus.

    Archives for archaeological documentation, reports, photographs comprising about 2000 excavated places in the province from late part of 19th century to present time. A small archaeological library consisting of appr. 100 running metres is also available for the researchers and students.

    Services provided

    The collection is available for national and international researchers, students and public. Information is available by request and by visiting the store. For address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, please check the web page.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Administered by the Historical Museum at Lund university and managed by the Antiquarian board at the Historical museum.

    UKÄ subject classification

    • History and Archaeology

    Type of infrastructure

    • Digital collections