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    Biobank Sverige


    A national infrastructure for biobanking where health care, academy, business and patient organizations collaborate for excellence in health care and research, with focus on biobanking. The steering committee includes representatives from health care, Swedish universities and industry. The infrastructure is supported by Vetenskapsrådet.

    Regionalt biobankscentrum in Södra sjukvårdsregionen (RBCsyd) administrates biobank applications and consents for biobank samples taken in south of Sweden (Region Skåne, Halland, Blekinge, Kronoberg).

    Equipment and resources

    Administrative help and advice in biobanking. Facilitates contacts with biobank facilities.

    Services provided

    Administrative help and legal advice in biobanking. Handles mandatory applications for collection of biobank samples and necessary permissions to use biobank samples for research.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Collaboration between Lund university and regions in south of Sweden. Steering committee with members from Lund university and regions in south of Sweden.

    Biobank Sverige: Sonja Eaker Fält. Akademiska sjukhuset
    751 85 Uppsala. Email:

    RBCSyd: Malin Ivarsson. Email:

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    • Medical and Health Sciences

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    • Services

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    • Has current status as Infrastructure of national interest (Swedish Research Council)