Bloch beamline - Spin and angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy


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    MAX IV Laboratory


    The Bloch beamline is located at the MAX IV 1.5 GeV storage ring and consists of two branchlines.
    Bloch is designed for solid material research using the general technique, photon in and electron out which goes by name Photo-Electron Spectroscopy (PES). Branch-line A is dedicated for research focussing on the technique of Angle Resolved Photo-Electron Spectroscopy (ARPES), ideal for mapping energy dispersions and Fermi surfaces, and branch-line B is for research focussing on technique using Spin and Angle Resolved Photo-Electron Spectroscopy (Spin-ARPES) for measurement. The Bloch beamline is sourced by a quasi-periodic elliptically polarised undulator which covers a photon energy range of 10-1000 eV.

    Equipment and resources

    • Energy tunable soft x-ray beamline 10- 1000eV
    • Full control of the polarization and suppression of higher orders
    • UHV based sample environment with several sample preparation capabilities
    • Hemispherical photo electron analyzer with high angle and energy resolution
    • 2nd end station hemispherical photo electron analyzer with additional 3D spin detection
    • Scanning tunneling microscope
    • 6 axis LHe sample manipulators

    Services provided

    The service comprises beamtime for carrying out soft x-ray experiments for studying angle and spin resolved PES. Users are supported on-site by the beamline staff.

    Management of the infrastructure

    The beamline is headed by a beamline scientist, time for experiments is allocated through a peer review process by an external program advisory committee. The scientific scope of the beamline is defined in interaction with the management of MAX IV Laboratory and the Scientific Advisory Committee.

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    • Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation

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    • Equipment
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