Bone Densitometer


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    Provides assessment of bone mineral density at various anatomical sites such as spine, femur, total body and forearm. Provides total body composition.
    Allow for measuring persons up to 160 kg.
    Pediatric program included – children can be measured.
    Provides assessment of the relative risk of fractures.
    Provides a standardized bone density report.
    The infrastructure is for research purposes only.
    The measurement of bone density is regarded as an essential part of the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

    Equipment and resources

    Machine type: iDXA
    The iDXA consists of a scanner arm, a device with a X-ray source and an examination table.

    Digital and physical collections

    Services provided

    Each measurement generates a large number of data variables. Data is stored in the computer database linked to Region Skane´s server. From this database we extract all files and process them into analysis files.
    After scan completion of each individual, the result is printed on paper and stored at the research unit.

    Management of the infrastructure

    The DXA machine is managed by specifically trained staff at the research unit.
    Access in collaboration by the research group leaders.

    UKÄ subject classification

    • Medical and Health Sciences

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