Center for Translational Proteomics


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    The Center for Translational Proteomics offers expertise and support in proteomic technologies.
    CTP was established 2018 and is focusing mainly on mass spectrometric analysis. CTP works closely with the Swedish national infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry (BioMS) the Lund Node at Lund University.

    Services provided

    The Center for Translational Proteomics offer advanced support in smaller proteomic research projects for scientists at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University and Region Skane.
    The CTP offer support including study design, mass spectrometry-analysis and to some extend data analysis. Examples of analysis that can be performed at CTP are identification and quantification of proteins, global discovery, label free quantification (LFQ), in-gel digest, in-solution digest, enrichment of phosphopeptides and purity of recombinant proteins.

    Type of infrastructure

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