Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden – Lund


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    CBCS is a SciLifeLab national research infrastructure.


    CBCS–Lund connects to the central national Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden that gathers expertise, resources, facilities, and equipment to identify and develop novel chemical tools to help you interrogate your particular field of interest.

    Typical projects conducted by CBCS–Lund and research groups in collaboration involve focused small molecule screening. We support assay development together with CBCS-SciLifeLab and facilitate the transfer of larger projects to CBCS-SciLifeLab. Also, follow-up work after a high-throughput screen, medicinal- and synthetic chemistry support can be carried out by/in collaboration with CBCS-SciLifeLab.

    Equipment and resources

    Liquid handling robotics (Agilent Bravo, Multidrop), plate sealer (PlateLoc) and plate reader/imaging (autumn 2022).

    Small molecule libraries of approved drugs, annotated tool compounds and commercial none-biased compounds. In total 8000 compounds. Access to CBCS compounds libraries.

    Services provided

    Small-molecule screening. Consulting medicinal chemistry and drug discovery

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    • Medical and Health Sciences

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    • Services

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    • Has current status as Infrastructure of national interest (Swedish Research Council)