Cryogenic transmission electron microscope with tomography, JEM-2200FS


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    The infrastructure is part of nCHREM –a facility located at KILU. At nCHREM there are three transmission electron microscopes and one scanning electron microscope. The microscopes have different specializations but are typically aimed for microscope of soft (including biomolecular specimens) and hard materials.


    The microscope is a 200kV TEM equipped with a field emission gun. It is dedicated for cryogenic imaging as well as for tomography studies (both RT and cryo). The microscope is equipped with cryo-holders (Fischione), single-tilt holder (RT, tomography) and double-tilt holder.

    Equipment and resources

    The infrastructure record digital images with several file formats.

    Services provided

    The facility is open for internal (LU) and external users. Operator services are provided by nCHREM

    Management of the infrastructure

    The infrastructure is managed by nCHREM, which is led by Reine Wallenberg (director of nCHREM) and a board consisting of Reine Wallenberg, Viveka Alfredsson, Kimberly Dick-Thelander. Crispin Heatherington is manager of nCHREM.

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    • Chemical Sciences

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