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    Some of the labs (excluding the mK systems) are connected to the infrastructure Lund NanoLab (LNL), which is administered by the same division. The infrastructure also belongs to an organization called Lund Nano-Characterization lab (LNCL). Close collaborations with other LU infrastructures, like FTF's optical characterization labs, nCHREM and LUSP.


    The labs are dedicated to studies of electrical (Transport) properties of semiconductor structures. These are located in separate labs (rooms). The capabilities include highly sensitive current (I-V) measurements using either pre-contacted structures or a probe station, in the temperature range 4-300 K. In two separate cryostats, pre-contacted transport properties can be studied at ultra-low temperatures, down to 10-20 mK, and with magnetic fields up to 9 T. The third facility is a setup to perform Hall-effect measurements, in the temperature range 10 to 500 K, and with magnetic fields up to 2 T.

    The infrastructure as described here is an agglomeration of a number of separate labs with a similar type of characterization techniques. The labs are used, either directly or in collaboration by a large portion of the researchers at solid state physics. The number of researchers who depend on the infrastructure is therefore much larger than the actual number of active users. Many of the labs are used for national and international collaborations.

    Equipment and resources

    Nano-el labs have two setups, a cryo probe-station from Janis Research (USA), and an in-house developed vacuum setup for wire-bonded samples. * Low temperature and high magnetic field labs have three different setups: i) Oxford Instruments Triton 200 dry dilution refrigerator equipped with a 9-1-1 T vector magnet; ii) Oxford Instruments K100 dilution refrigerator with a 4 T magnet; and iii) Janis Research variable temperature cryostat (1.6 K base) with an 8 T magnet at sample rotation capabilities. * Hall-effect lab has a single setup with water-cooled conventional magnet from Drusch and a closed-cycle helium cryostat from Janis Research. A custom-made sample-holder for room temperature Hall effect measurements is also available. Both holders are designed for wire-bonded samples. Electrical measurement equipment: 1 dual channel Keithley SMUs, 2 single channel Keithley SMUs, 1 Keithley electrometer, 1 Gauss meter, 1 Keithley switch system.

    Services provided

    Characterization of electrical (transport) properties of mainly semiconductor structures.

    All the setups generate digital data that is initially stored on the lab computers and optionally stored on an off-line server. This server is accessible from outside the labs. Some lab computers are accessible outside of the labs to allow remote-control.

    Management of the infrastructure

    The transport characterization labs are run by individual managers, who are responsible for the running of the labs, including the planning, training, maintenance, and upgrading. The labs are the overall responsibility of the management of the division of solid state physics.

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